brand rep info

brand reps will sign a 3 month contract with optional renewal at the end of 3 months for a longer term if desired.


brand rep requirements:

1. you will be required to make one purchase each month. you will receive 50% off two items each month and a 20% off code for the duration of your contract. you will also receive a 10% off code to share with your friends and followers.

2. you will be required to send 3 - 4 high quality photos within a week of receiving your items. no filters or watermarks.

3. you will be required to share a photo and tag us twice a month on your personal instagram and facebook accounts.

optional but encouraged: filming &/or posting tiktoks including opening your package, modeling your items, anything fun that we can use for tiktok promo!

the rep that has the most usage from the rep codes each month will receive $20 shop credit so posting, tagging & sharing your rep code (personal posts, official promo posts on our social media, anywhere applicable in social media). the sky is the limit!


all photos received will be considered for social media & brand use. we reserve the right to cancel rep contracts for noncompliance or any reason we deem fit.


to apply: send 2 - 3 photos (in our merch preferably!), a short bio, a brief statement about why you want to rep for anduin river company & your social media handles to 💕